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Group Lessons

Affordable group swimming lessons are here in Santa Fe! Located at Santa Fe's Genoveva Chavez Center, these beginner-focused lessons are offered in two levels. Level 1 lessons are geared toward your swimmer who is new to the water and needs to work on building comfort in the water. Our level 2 lessons are geared toward the swimmers who are already comfortable in the water but need more work on the foundational swimming skills. Level 3 lessons are our intermediate classes that help kids improve their endurance and stroke technique.


Summer Weekly Session List

Group Lesson Levels


For the youngest swimmers aged 1-3 years old who are brand new to swimming and lessons. Lessons focus on developing a familiarity with and comfort in the water as well as working on some of the foundational swimming skills like floating and kicking.

Level 2

For the swimmers aged 4+ who have some familiarity with swimming and is already comfortable in the pool. The curriculum mainly focuses on building your child's ability to swim and kicking independently with a focus on building upon the water safety skills of the previous level.

Level 1

For the younger swimmers age 4+ just getting started swimming. The curriculum mainly focuses on building confidence and working on basic skills like floating and kicking. Our lessons put an emphasis on water safety and these lessons will help prepare your child to be safe while having fun in the water!

Level 3

By the time your child is in our intermediate level lessons, they should have confidence in the pool and have the ability to swim independently some distance on their own. The main focus of these lessons will be to improve their stroke technique which will enable them to swim farther without using as much energy. A main focus in these lessons is usually side breathing which takes time to master but is an important stepping stone toward good swimming!

Other Important Information

Cost: $15 per session with no commitments!

Location: Genoveva Chavez Center 

Payment Method: Only accepted via credit card, PayPal, or Google Pay at the time of booking and is non-refundable with NO EXCEPTIONS.

Maximum Session Size: 5 children

Age Requirements: Minimum 2.5 years old

What To Bring: Swimsuit, towel, goggles

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